This Episode of the Meshpoint Podacst is sponsored by GameStrat, If you are in the need of a sidleine replay system look no further than GameStrat.  GameStrat has the fastest sideline replay system on the market and they provide 24/7 customer support.  Their sytems can be used for multiple sports like footbal, basketball and volleyball.  Bottom line, in game adjustments = winning more games, go check out GameStrat on twitter @gamestrat_ or on the web at  On this episode of the Meshpoint Podcast Matt McLeod and Tony Rodriguez talk with Don Watt, Don is the Head Football Coach at Sahuarita High School in Sahuarita Arizona.   Tony, Matt and Don discuss his background in football, mentors he has leaned on in coaching, the Run and Shoot passing game and Don's unique comnination of Boarder Patrol Supervisor and Head Football Coach. You can follow Coach Watt on twitter @coachdwatt.  You can follow Tony on twitter @3phasefootball or on his website  You can also find Tony on Monday nights as he hosts #meshpoint Monday, which is a twitter chat about all things option football.  You can follow Matt on twitter @runthetriple and you can also follow his website, where you can find resources on installing triple option concepts with an emphasis on flexbone formations. You can follow our podcast @themeshpoint on twitter for all latest guests and new episodes.

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